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  We are Chile Pepper enthusiasts. The reason we have founded this company is because it is difficult to find quality hot, rare peppers, seeds, and pepper plants anywhere. Even most local markets limit their selection to a few very mild, common varieties of pepper plants. Most commonly the Jalapeno, Habanero, Serrano, and Bell. So we decided to grow our own. We started off with a few varieties  and through purchases and trading, we have established a wonderful selection of peppers for any preference of heat and flavor.
  We use only the best materials with our plants, and take pride in being able to provide you with the best products we can produce.  Our seeds are dried at a controlled temperature to ensure the highest germination results.
We especially take pride in our live plants.  We grow some of the rarest and hottest varieties in the world as well as many varieties of  Habanero that are just hard to find in local garden stores and plant nurseries.
As we are a small company, the majority of our customer base for live plants is local - people just can't find what they're looking for at the large chain plant nuseries anymore.  That being said, if you have a specific pepper plant that you'd like just let us know and we will be happy to include the variety you want to our selection!  (preferably before the groing season starts)  If we do not have the seed stock or available space, we will gladly refer you to a trusted affiliate who will take care of your needs.

    Although we can not claim to be 100% Organic(hey, that's an expensive brand to pay for!) we Do try to be as organic as possible. We use the most organic and highest quality soils, fertilizers, and compost we can find that will allow us to keep our products at affordable prices. We are in the process of starting a worm farm for work castings and we compost at our facility. We do not use pesticides on the plants we grow for seed stock or the plants we sell. If a plant is that bad off that we can not heal it with organic recipes, we regrettably throw the plant away. (Throwing the plant away does NOT mean composting the plant! We do not want to contaminate our compost!)
I want to take a moment to talk about plant isolation and why it is important to us here at KSPCo. We believe in isolation to help ensure seed purity. We practice plant isolation because I believe that I owe it to my customers to produce seeds as true to their name as possible. Otherwise, why not go just anywhere?

Pepper plants will so easily cross with one another that,
 if you're not careful, you will come up with hybrid peppers that are not what you intended to grow. Is isolation 100% effective? No. There are too many variables involved to say that it is 100%. However, the better your isolation techniques are, the less chance you have of two plant varieties crossing and producing a pepper with seeds that are not true to their name. It is about making that percentage as small as possible.

Why is this an issue? As the owner of the company I strongly believe that you should receive exactly what you purchase.  Not all growers out there practice plant isolation, that is their personal choice regardless of if I agree with it or not. I believe that if a company does not isolate their plants they should say so from the beginning. Why? So that you, the consumer, will know. As a seed seller I do not believe you should grow your plants un-isolated and call the plant or seeds a Habanero, or Bhut Jolokia, etc. since you can not guarantee that it is still just that. 
To some growers (usually hobby growers) isolation is not really a big deal and they're ok getting pepper plants that do not grow out to be true to the plant or seed they purchased. I personally prefer the satisfaction of presenting a seed strain true to it's name and letting the consumer cross breed their plants as they wish if that is what they would like to do. 
If you take a look at the pictures of plants on our website you will see plants of all types grown side by side. "But I thought you said you practiced plant isolation...." We do. The plants in the pictures you see are plants that we have for sale. We do not use those plants or their fruit for seed stock.  Before this year we had our mother plants (mother plants are plants we use for seed stock) at the homes of friends and family.  We do not have pictures posted of those plants at separate locations because we chose not to invade their privacy by taking pictures of their property and posting them up for everyone in the world to see. "Why didn't you just take pictures of the plants then...?" If we just took pictures of the plants and posted that up you wouldn't be able to tell if they plants were truly at different locations. To us, it seemed pointless. This year is different. We have spent much time and money upgrading and reorganizing here at our property. We will have all our mother plants here on the same property and will customize netting around each plant to isolate one from another. We will also have pictures up as soon as this endeavor is complete. 

I am not telling any of you not to purchase seeds from companies who do not isolate. I am telling you to ask, if you do not know already, if the company you purchase from practices isolation. 

Thank you all for being customers. We do what we do for the love of gardening, peppers, and providing all of that to you
We will be expanding and offering new plant varieties and sizes along with products, so keep coming back to visit us to see what's new.
We are a licensed plant nursery in the state of Texas: TDA certificate #0671741
Kearley Seeds & Pepper Co.
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Please leave a message with any questions you may have. Feel free to send a text message as you may recieve a faster response - we hold day jobs too!